Iellios the best machine for Anti-Aging

I-ellios provides a truly remarkable non-surgical face lift.

This amazing breakthrough in Anti-aging and regenerative medicine is Non-invasive, Non-surgical and painless treatment for Facial Lifting and reshaping.

Unlike other machines which work on micro current, I-ellios uses a patented technology unrivaled by any other machine.

An a result of more than10 years of scientific research on Neuro-regeneration and cellular signaling,London University in coordination with Mr.Gerry Pollock (creator of the pacemaker) this truly amazing NEW TECHNOLOGY has emerged.

The I-ellios is a unique highly sophisticated device emitting” signaling energy”. The I-ellios produces over 5,500 signals, compatible with the body’s  electro-chemical energy emitted by our cells. To explain how this technology works you need to understand that our bodies have a complex signaling system composed of proteins, enzymes, the nervous system and the brain. Proteins, and the correct balance of calcium in our cells is what gives us our youthful looks, as we grow older there is a deterioration of essential proteins and an imbalance of calcium in the cells which can lead to destruction and death of healthy cells, resulting in generation and obvious signs of biological ageing.

We can build new proteins by simply changing the instructions of the genome.( a set of cromosomes containing genetic information). I-ellios uses futuristic nanotechnology to transport these unique signals through the body’s ion channels increasing essential proteins, rebalancing and sustaining the perfect balance of calcium inside the cells. Significant increase in collagen and elastin rejuvenates the skin, dramatically reduced  lines and wrinkles and greatly improved tone and texture of the face and neck.

A series of six completely safe and painless treatment is all that is required to reverse some of the obvious signs of aging, people who have had the treatment commented on how the shape have the face had changed, how there was more pronounced cheek bones, lifting of  drooping eyelids, firmer more  youthful shin with less jowls, line and wrinkles.

The technology behind this machine is  astounding, and just as the pacemaker for the heart change the possibilities in cardiology, signaling energy working through Ion channel gating, has the capability of changing the  face of Anti-aging as we know it.

We are very excited by the possibilities of this technology and what it holds for the future of Anti-aging. The great things is the treatment delivers instant and noticeable result our patient’s love, NO PAIN. The I-ellios Treatment can fit in with anyone’s lifestyle and budget.




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